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When It Rains

I Want To Go There (Featuring Nila Kay) (Instrumental)

I Want To Go There (Featuring Nila Kay)

Sunset Beats

Anahita Skye

The song carries her along and has done so since Anahita discovered the sound of the piano and then the strings of a guitar as a small child. The guitar moved her and impassioned by the sounds, the words and … Continue reading

Adrian Cox

Having always been exposed to a diverse rang of music, it was only natural that with this kind of background many influences would cascade from Adrian Cox. Doing soundtracks is where it all blends together so he can create interesting … Continue reading


White Keys

You Sly Devil

Cool Baby

Rashiid Cummins

RCummins bio:   Talented music producer RCummins from Maryland (USA) blends Hip-Hop beats with contemporary RnB, creating a cool array of laid back, mellow beats. While influenced by the best Hip-Hop producers of the 90’s, his music also sparkles with … Continue reading

Lucky Day