AMP Rate Card Prices

  • All our music and sound effects are cleared for worldwide use.
  • Music and sound effects can be licensed on a track by track basis where pricing is based on 30 second increments.
  • Alternatively, a programme blanket licence (where you can use as much music as you need) may be purchased and pricing is based on production length in 30 minute increments.
  • Retail and reversion can be purchased at onset or at a later date via our online cue sheet mechanism.

Track Licence
(per 30 secs)
Prog. Licence
(per 30 mins)
Broadcast Programming
(Multi-Channel) – Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile £27 £215
Bulk track licence credits for Broadcast Programming
Broadcast 50 (50 × 30 sec units) 20% discount £1,080
Broadcast 100 (100 × 30 sec units) 25% discount £2,025
Broadcast 200 (200 × 30 sec units) 30% discount £3,780
Broadcast 500 (500 × 30 sec units) 40% discount £8,100
Pan-Media – Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile £1,000
Television – multi-channel £600
Television – single-channel £120
Radio – multi-channel £500
Radio – single-channel £100
Internet £80
Mobile £80
Cinema, Video, DVD £250
Public Address (per Week) £45
Feature Films
Feature £250 £1,750
Short £30 £220
Student £10 £70
Trailers £500
Computer Games (including retail sale)
< 50,000 copies £100
50,000 – 250,000 copies £150
> 250,000 copies £250
Non-Broadcast A/V Productions
Including DVD, CD, Video, Downloads made available privately on a non-retail basis (commercial release will require the retail supplement)
<1,000 copies £20 £150
1,000-50,000 copies £40 £300
>50,000 copies £80 £600
Retail supplement of the above Categories
(apart from advertising and computer games)
<1,000 copies £20 £150
1,000-50,000 copies £40 £300
>50,000 copies £80 £600
Supplementary Charges
Retail: This includes DVDs, CDs, Videos, Downloads etc. of a production that are made available commercially. The rates depend on the number of copies produced and are shown above. Bulk track licence credits cannot be used to purchase a retail supplement for a broadcast production.
Reversioning: Will be calculated at 50% of the per track fee or a 50% discount of the number of segments initially purchased. Bulk track licence credits cannot be used to pay the reversioning charge.


For broadcast programming and advertising, the licence covers each production regardless of the number of different channels and media on which it is carried or the number of times it is transmitted. So, for example, a production made for television that is broadcast unaltered on a terrestrial channel, two digital channels and two websites would only require a single licence per music track included. Thus either only one programme blanket licence or one set of track licences need be bought to cover those broadcasts.
However, any alteration to a production that adds to the music tracks included means that a new licence will be required. That applies even if only non AMP (Altarboy Music Publishing) tracks are added. If a production is altered in any way but no new music tracks are included then the production may be reversioned. In that case a reduced fee is required to cover each track of the reversioned production.

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