Lucid Dream Factory


In April of 2012, in Los Angeles, songwriter Urban Lavrencic and guitarist Augustus Hoovestal met through a Craigslist ad and started the project Lucid Dream Factory. Shortly after, they added a second guitarist, Augustus' teenage brother Frank Yaeger, and played their first shows as street musicians in Santa Monica. By the end of 2012, they were discovered by and signed to a management contract with the legendary Vicky Hamilton who cultivated their image and introduced them to the industry. The final addition came in March 2013 when the boys introduced Peter Durrance, an M.I. drumming phenomenon recommended by industry legend and friend-of- the-band Barry Squire, as their permanent drummer.
The four, though not native to California, personify the current LA rock image, taking cue from their influences and idols, ranging from The Beach Boys, Guns N' Roses to Katy Perry, all the while sticking close to the high standard of songwriting set by successful pop-rock acts like The Beatles, Nirvana, Queen, and David Bowie.


, Believe To See, Crush, Day Dreaming , I Don't Care If He's Your Boyfriend, LP, Sonata 01, Sonata Number 2, Still Crazy For You, Strawberries, Superficial , The Fool That I am, Toy Boy, You Can Cry

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