I Want To Go There (Featuring Nila Kay) (Instrumental)

Dennis P Coronel

Bubbly, fun, carefree Dance Pop song featuring female vocals. A song about living your life to the fullest with the one you love. Great for traveling, discovering new places and going / seeing places you've never been before. Also, good for new romance scenes and adventure scenes.

Track Information

Nila Kay Jackson

Dennis P. Coronel

Dennis P. Coronel

Turn up the radio,
roll the windows down,
let's drive away to a place where we can hide out
You got the 4 wheel drive,
I got the champagne,
put life on cruise control and let it roll, we got all day
and you're all mine
and now's our chance to leave the rest of the world behind
I wanna go there with you
today I wanna ride or die,
I wanna go there with you
I'm tryna find paradise,
I wanna go there with you
Wherever we go tonight
I wanna go there with you.
No one can find us here,
we're on an escapade,
and there's no way in hell I'm answering my phone today.

I like the way it feels,
when you're holding me.
Closer and closer, love in overdrive, you're all I need
and I'm all yours,
and now's our chance to go where we've never gone before
(repeat chorus)
yeeah, ooh I wanna go there with you

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