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Duke And Sherrie Ashton

Duke and Sherrie Ashton began writing songs together when they formed Candy Channel, a UK┬ápop-rock band releasing their eponymous album ┬áthrough i-tunes in 1999 and setting out on a yearlong promotional UK tour culminating with a headline gig at Monmouth … Continue reading

I Love You (Featuring Nila Kay) (Instrumental)

I Love You (Featuring Nila Kay)

I Love You (Featuring Nila Kay) (Acoustic)

I Am The Best (Featuring D. Larue) (Instrumental)

I Am The Best (Featuring D. Larue)

Come Home (Featuring Chris Burke) (Instrumental)

Come Home (Featuring Chris Burke)

Feel No Pain


Say That You Love Me


Adrian Cox

Having always been exposed to a diverse rang of music, it was only natural that with this kind of background many influences would cascade from Adrian Cox. Doing soundtracks is where it all blends together so he can create interesting … Continue reading

Stones Vibe


White Keys


Nother Shade Of Brown


You Sly Devil


Is It Hip


Cool Baby




Believe To See


Lucid Dream Factory

In April of 2012, in Los Angeles, songwriter Urban Lavrencic and guitarist Augustus Hoovestal met through a Craigslist ad and started the project Lucid Dream Factory. Shortly after, they added a second guitarist, Augustus’ teenage brother Frank Yaeger, and played … Continue reading