I Am The Best (Featuring D. Larue)

Dennis P Coronel

Melodic, confident, uplifting Hip-Hop / Rap song featuring female vocals. Elegant acoustic guitar instrumentation coupled with powerful drums and braggadocio lyrics. Great for sports shows, inspiring / empowering scenes and end scenes / credits.

Track Information

Dominique Owens

Dennis P. Coronel

Dennis P. Coronel

DLarue baby know that I ain't playin fair/
You know when I get in everybody say the mayor here/
And when I talk abt it I be about it you can say I'm rated rare/
I said it before but I'm makin sure you're made aware/
5'3, but I'm larger than life/
You can only pay attention when in charge of the mic/
And When I move it you wld lose it, the star of the night/
Hear abt me you'd be smart to invite/
Baby I'm a student of the game, pay homage and write/
And w/o it, it'd be hard to recite/
And who cares if yawl root against me, looking for some flaws in my plight/
Nah Listen I'm taking off w/ my flight/
Now watch me bring it back, I will make you feel right at home/
And I'm just workin on my craft, spend the night alone/
You see I got the, the vision, the vision what I'm livin for/
And when I'm in this booth its where I'm givin more/

Now let me remind you, I am the best/
You can say whatever, ill never settle for less/
We are (we are), you won't (you won't)
You can't stop me cuz I'm in a zone/
Now let me remind you I am the best/
You can say whatever ill never settle for less/
Yes...I'll never settle for less/
No matter what the odds, no stress/

They told me to be patient, but I'm chillin I was waitin/
For the time for me to strike and yawl still was contemplating/
So I had to make my move, knowin I ain't came to lose/
There's nobody who I'm owing as long as I paid my dues/
I know, you can see it and what you see is what you get/
And everybody wanna piece tryna meet it in the split/
And I make it all look seamless no easier than this/
All abt the future not the past so no need to reminisce/
You need to, let it go, hey I'm takin over/
You can feel it in the air it ain't the same aroma/
I can give you what you want, and they tryna make a quota/
And yawl still wonder why I would say its over/
You see I'm on it now/ tell em that its goin down/
You seein that I'm focused, and you lookin at me zonin out/
And I know wanna, get involved w/ me,
Lovin how I'm doper so, tell em that its over/ and I'm coastin/ gone


Beast mode, beastin/
Now tell me if you feel it increasin/
We are, we are the future/
This is a new us, and I am too clutch/
The feelin is unreal... and its hot how the sun feel/
Its how number one feel/
You are a done deal, i am one in a trill...ion

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