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Play Some Stooges




Bubblegum Screw

Hailing from London, with a New York Lower East Side meets Detroit attitude, swagger and vibe Bubblegum Screw’s unique brand mix of vintage punk classic rock catchy melodies and visually inspiring story line lyrics delivers an elegant yet raw full … Continue reading

Table for one


Soul Mama (Featuring Nauxamine)

Come Over (Featuring Palmer Reed) (Instrumental)

Come Over (Featuring Palmer Reed)

Together (Featuring Juno Rada) (Acoustic)

Together (Featuring Juno Rada) (Instrumental)

Here (Featuring Chris Burke) (Instrumental)

Here (Featuring Chris Burke)


Soul Mama (Featuring Nauxamine) (Instrumental)

The Birth Of Glam


Ride Surfer Ride


I Don’t Care If He’s Your Boyfriend


Day Dreaming




Lucid Dream Factory

In April of 2012, in Los Angeles, songwriter Urban Lavrencic and guitarist Augustus Hoovestal met through a Craigslist ad and started the project Lucid Dream Factory. Shortly after, they added a second guitarist, Augustus’ teenage brother Frank Yaeger, and played … Continue reading