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Duke And Sherrie Ashton

Duke and Sherrie Ashton began writing songs together when they formed Candy Channel, a UK¬†pop-rock band releasing their eponymous album ¬†through i-tunes in 1999 and setting out on a yearlong promotional UK tour culminating with a headline gig at Monmouth … Continue reading

Blonde Hair Blue Eyes


Bald Eagle


Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy) (Instrumental)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy) (No Drums)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy)

Change (Featuring Rachael Kanute) (Instrumental)

Change (Featuring Rachael Kanute)

Here (Featuring Chris Burke) (Instrumental)

Here (Featuring Chris Burke)

Come Home (Featuring Chris Burke) (Instrumental)

Come Home (Featuring Chris Burke)

Wake Up