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Forever Yours

Bald Eagle

Cece Spring

 Cece Spring,best known as Cece, is a young California based Composer,Songwriter and Producer who began honing her talents and skills at the tender age of 12!  Cece’s work can be heard on numerous MTV (USA) productions and her work has … Continue reading

Walking in Sunshine

Glitter Beach

Book & Musical Play by Vicky Hamilton and Robbie Quine Music and Lyrics by: Robbie Quine Directed By: Daniel Henning At GLITTER BEACH It’s 1967 and it’s all happening…hot surfers, beach bunnies, muscle men, mermaids, sex wax and trannies on … Continue reading

Dancing with Shadows [ no guitar solos ]

The beat


Motor piano


I need you

Quick Step to the Top

Me and My Dog In the Pickup Truck

Crows Chasing Squirrels

House music

First time

Drive me crazy

Disco C