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Soul Mama (Featuring Nauxamine)

I Want To Go There (Featuring Nila Kay) (Instrumental)

I Want To Go There (Featuring Nila Kay)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy) (Instrumental)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy) (No Drums)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy)

Here (Featuring Chris Burke) (Instrumental)

Here (Featuring Chris Burke)

Soul Mama (Featuring Nauxamine) (Instrumental)

Walking in Sunshine




Salt sky


Crows Chasing Squirrels


Michael Gaughan

Michael has been a professional musician most of his working life, having worked with many high profile personalities in the music business, including Tom Jones, Elton John, Lionel Richie, Robbie Williams, Leona Lewis, Massive Attack and many many more. About … Continue reading

Dancing with Shadows [ no solos ]


Shine On


Positive Flow [ 1:18 ]


Jus Rollin Along w Mutes


Jus Rollin Along no Mutes


Jus Rollin Along Mutes No SFX