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You Such So Bad


When I Look Up At The Stars


Pretty Boy Beat


Laying Down My Heart


Forever Yours


Cece Spring

 Cece Spring,best known as Cece, is a young California based Composer,Songwriter and Producer who began honing her talents and skills at the tender age of 12!  Cece’s work can be heard on numerous MTV (USA) productions and her work has … Continue reading

Bubblegum Screw

Hailing from London, with a New York Lower East Side meets Detroit attitude, swagger and vibe Bubblegum Screw’s unique brand mix of vintage punk classic rock catchy melodies and visually inspiring story line lyrics delivers an elegant yet raw full … Continue reading

Something Missing


Together (Featuring Juno Rada) (Acoustic)

Together (Featuring Juno Rada) (Instrumental)

I Want To Go There (Featuring Nila Kay) (Instrumental)

I Love You (Featuring Nila Kay) (Instrumental)

I Love You (Featuring Nila Kay)

I Want To Go There (Featuring Nila Kay)

I Love You (Featuring Nila Kay) (Acoustic)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy) (Instrumental)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy) (No Drums)

Today (Featuring Susan Shaughnessy)

Change (Featuring Rachael Kanute) (Instrumental)