Frank Wolf

Stacks Image 26Frank is a composer and musician from Germany who learned playing the guitar at the age of 12. He played many songs from the Beatles until he heard AC/DC the first time. Then the acoustic guitar disappeared into oblivion and it started a great love to the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal of the eighties. He gained his first experience in a school band with songs from the so called "New German Wave" genre until he started to play in local Metal-bands. His last stop was the Trash Metal band Megatherion from Wiesbaden with whom he recorded two demo tapes before the band broke up.After a long abstinence of making live music he became an IT professional, but the music was always a big part of his life. He picked up all the knowledge about recording and audio engineering and began to compose his first songs. Since 2008 Frank is a certified audio engineer for professional home recordings completed at the HOFA-Studios, Germany.

The strength of Frank's music is mostly found in a high energy aspect usually find in sport instrumentals, action cues etc. His interests belongs also to hybrid scores with epic orchestras and electronica as well, because Trailer music is also one of his favorite genre.



All The Way , Crush Formation, Doomsday Equation, Enter The Pit, Escape, Final Destination, Lay It Down, Let Me Move On , Roadtripper, Sleepless Creatures, Tough As Nails, Trouble