Flash Bang Band


We have a real big DIY creative work ethic, and try to promote our music through all sorts of ideas and projects. The band started as singer Andy’s bedroom project, before he decided to get a band to take what he was doing onto a stage. He henceforth stole Rodney from Johannesburg, and Rob from the internet. At the start of this year we were taken in by producer Dave Lynch (Duke Special, Yaaks, Iain Archer, Toploader) and recorded 5 songs.

BBC Sussex saw us supporting The Phoenix Foundation (on tour from New Zealand, recently on Jools Holland) and invited us in, where we recorded a 4-song semi acoustic session on BBC Introducing South. We’ve won over a lot of support from the local press, and essentially, Brighton-based promoters such as One Inch Badge. In the last year we’ve played support slots with Dananananaykroyd, The Phoenix Foundation, Cloud Control, Bearsuit, Flashguns, etc.

We made ourselves a video for our first single. It took around 5 months in total, trying to fit it in around our jobs and gigging commitments etc. It was made one frame at a time in photoshop, from backgrounds and props which were hand sketched and scanned in, it consists of around 1,500 frames.

Gary Mullholland hates us; we’re “not for him” and have a “terrible name”. We let Wikipedia choose it and it works perfectly for us.

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Cupid, If You Can't Be Calm

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