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Adrian Cox

Having always been exposed to a diverse rang of music, it was only natural that with this kind of background many influences would cascade from Adrian Cox. Doing soundtracks is where it all blends together so he can create interesting … Continue reading

Stones Vibe

White Keys

You Sly Devil

Cool Baby

Hip Funk Paradise

Miles Parker

With a silky velvety voice and a knack for a hook Miles’ Songwriting style is reminiscent of  Bruce Springsteen with a major romantic twist and big heartfelt and honest choruses and a dash of Bon Joviesque  rockers are what this … Continue reading

Golden Olympics

Let’s Go – No Solo No Vocals

Let’s Go – No Solo with Vocals

Let’s Go – Solo No Vocals

Let’s Go

Oriental Bangin

Action Rock Guitar Riffage

Satellites On

Cool International Hustle – Stinger

Cool International Hustle – 15 Seconds

Cool International Hustle – 30 Seconds