On A Train From Dublin

Paul Austin Kelly

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A song about being on the road and missing your loved ones.

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P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

The fields of green don’t torture me
It’s you makes me feel this way
I carry a heavy burden forever and a day
And when at last I leave this land
I’ll shed a tear or two
These tears are not for Ireland
I’ll shed these tears for you

This dear and dirty Dublin town
Has taught me how to cry
I’ve found myself reborn here
I cannot tell you why
Perhaps some lonely Celtic soul,
A soul long dead and gone
Has found in me a kinsman
And bid me please come home

The hardest road I travel, love
The road that makes me blue
It leads from here to somewhere
And it leads away from you
I sell my life to strangers
Who barely know my name
And to walk this road forever
Would be a sorry shame

The train is in the distance
Its smoke against the sky
The train is in the station
Now the train has passed me by
And my tears are falling freely
As the rain falls from above
If I wander on forever
It’s you I’ll ever love

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