My God (Featuring Born I Music) (Clean)

Dennis P Coronel

Lyrical, dramatic and braggadocio Hip-Hop / Rap song with an east coast influence. Percussion heavy, rolling snare, Kanye West influenced, orchestral themed instrumental coupled with fierce and emotional lyrics. Great for commercials, movies, video games and TV shows.

Track Information

Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Dennis P. Coronel

Dennis P. Coronel

Whether or not they recognize it is besides the point/
take a look at who the rappers in the sky anoint/
the weaker hustle expose word to the gun and the holster/
I'm feeling like biggie smalls and pun on my
these niggas fallin’ backwards/
the stunnin’
turn a niggas from a human being to target practice/
stunner graduation/
magna cum laude/
Shoppin’ sprees put new mileage on that blue Audi/
feel like I'm God’s son/
fuckin’ the devil’s daughter/
meanwhile I hypnotize the vipers call me bezel charmer/
my white chick tell me that she love my chocolate skin/
my side chick tell me that she love the car I'm in/
better to leave em both alone and just desire zen/
but with the throne comes the
cheddar is we mice or men/
hear the violins playin’ I compose a verse/
it unfolds like I'm Micheal Corleone in church/
they say the way of meditation leads you down the path/
I contemplate and then vacation in
the south of France/
bring my crew with me, what they callin for/
my bitches powderin’ they faces with a dollar straw/
mafia forever, gnd is home/
from the bottom of my feet you niggas see the throne/
40 minutes everyday I'm sittin’ still in silence/
my ears hearin’ nothin’ still don't keep my spirit quiet/
they fear my rhymin’, disregard the flow/
its time
out for u niggas I am Hall and Oats/
well connected like my last name was Inelli nigga/
cuttin’ bricks outta the wires in Pirelli’s nigga/
Metamucil on the mic I shit on every nigga/
they speechless, what the fuck you gone tell me nigga/
I’m a rock star/call me Osborne/
I music conduit through a firestorm/
highly educated Buddhist doesn't mean I'm bitch/
they get the picture when the safety on the nina switch/
I protect the temple, opposite potentials/
when I die the only thing that resurrect is mental/
word to Tommy Brown GnD the army now/
livin’ on a prayer, we bon jovi down/
this is the life where bitches fuck with u to
get ahead/
and everyone you gave your life to think you better dead/
before the tears and the sweatin’ you can bet I bled/
if you a g then you just let it bring you better bread/
contradictions eat my soul alive/
all I see is poltergeist a mountaintop in Ghana where I go to die/
or where I go to fly none of you will ever know/
I’ll be the same whether its heaven or to hell I go/
They lookin’ at me like they never seen B before/
Lookin’ at me like they never seen a king before/
put the crown on my head and I lean it low/
shiver when u see me. Nigga call me 23 below
And I’m god/
I’m god/
To you rappers I’m god/
I’m god/
It’s GnD nigga/

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