Maya & I

Paul Austin Kelly

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Weird and wonderful setting of an 11-year-old girl's dream of travelling with her friend Maya. Contemporary classical music with rock undertones. Loads of vocal effects and backing vocals.

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Katie Ebner-Landy

P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

There we were, Maya and I,
In this bamboo airport.
The Chinese shrine was deserted–
Only Maya and I stood there.
The matted carpet, bamboo stems
Bamboo stems, the escalator
Woven bamboo made the dome
High and rounded like a bow
Upside down. All this felt
So calm and cool and smelt so good.
On the oriental plane
There were only twelve of us.
Maya still, my friends the Greens,
People whom I’d hardly seen.
When they noticed we were there,
“Where’s your suitcase?” was their phrase.
Bamboo suitcase, it had gone
At the airport disappeared!
Just the youngest daughter Green
And her mother from the States.
They were on this plane to Arabia.
So were we, why it was
No one knew. Seems the Greens
Had got divorced; a giant mansion
In Miami– that’s where he was.
But in Arabia with the Bedouins
Green leafy canopies hung there.
The little Green ran from a cave–
Inside was a slab of stone.
In our hammocks, bright and rich,
The two of us, exhausted, slept.
At dinnertime there was no Maya,
But my other friends were there.
Fruits exotic lay before us,
And I cut with great precision
Blue triangles from the inside
Of a grapefruit which I handed,
One piece to everyone.
Suddenly my dream was gone
Abruptly ended was my story:
Blue grapefruit in friend’s hands
With the Bedouins in Arabia!

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