Little Boy Blues

Paul Austin Kelly

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Folk rock setting of a Michael Rosen poem about family relations and missing Mom when she's not around.
Trumpets duet in the interlude. Whistle solo at the end.

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Michael Rosen

P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

Mum’ll be coming home today.
It’s three weeks she’s been away.
When Dad’s alone
All we eat is cold meat
Which I don’t like
and he burns the toast I want just brown
and I hate taking the ash-can down.

He’s mended the door
from the little fight
on Thursday night
so it doesn’t show
and can we have grilled tomatoes
Spanish onions and roast potatoes
and will you sing me ‘I’ll never more roam’
when I’m in bed when you’ve come home?

Mum’s reply

If you like your toast
done just brown
then take it out
before it burns.
So you hate taking the ash-can down?
Well now you know just what I know
so we might as well take turns

But now I’m back,
yes let’s have grilled tomatoes
Spanish onions and roast potatoes
Because you know
when I was away
I wanted nothing more
than be back here
and see you all.

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