Life is For Learning

Paul Austin Kelly

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Folk song for older kids about the value of education. 70s style band in a medium tempo song with a good lyric hook.

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P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

P. A. Kelly

All life is for learning!
Don’t you know it’s true?
All life is for learning!
It’s up to me and you.
If at the end of the day we’ve found a better way
To keep our old world turning,
All life is for learning!
And that’s the best thing we can do!

I get myself up out of bed
There are things to do each day
There are books to read and folks to meet who have something to say
I can use that information
That I put inside my mind
To ease the pain and help maintain
The lives of all mankind
(repeat Refrain)

There are people who bring sunshine
There are people who bring rain
There are people who believe the sun will never shine again
There are people who will give up,
There are those who just give in
There are those who won’t participate
Afraid that they can’t win
(repeat Refrain)

I want to make a difference
I want to show my worth
I think that there’s a reason why we’re put here on this Earth
We are meant to find the answers
We are meant to find the keys
But it takes a lot of learning
To solve life’s mysteries.
(repeat Refrain)

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