Haunted House

Paul Austin Kelly

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60s-style pop song about kids approaching a haunted house. Very Munsters-style fun theme song.

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P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

Me and Benjie roamin’ round the neighborhood
Talkin’ trash and lookin’ cool and feelin’ good
Took a road that neither of us seen before
Found ourselves where neither of us been before
When the road had ended
Totally dead-ended

Haunted house
Spirits flyin’
Haunted house
Someone cryin’
Haunted house
Found ourselves a possilutely verifiable
Haunted house

Me and my pal Benjie felt the goose bumps rise
Funny stuff was happenin’ right before our eyes
Saw the ectoplasm forming from the walls
Saw the figure standing where the shadow falls
Hair on heads up-ending
Family jewels ascending

Haunted house
Doors a-creakin’
Haunted house
Somethin’ shriekin’
Haunted house
Stumbled on a absoltutely freakifyin’
Haunted house

Me and my pal Benjie got our gas in ear
Hearts began a-pounding in response to fear
Saw the shadow of the house tower over us
Smell of mold and death of cold took hold of us
No use in denyin’ four little feets a-flyin’

Haunted house
Thunder and lightenin’
Haunted house
Real invitin’
Haunted house
Running from a
And surprisin’
Haunted house
You ain’ nothing but an ol’ spook fact’ry
Ain’t never gonna be your replacement batt’ry.

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