Harmony is the Answer

Paul Austin Kelly

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A 60s style American pop song about getting along with each other, medium tempo, major key, happy, singalong, danceable.

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P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

If you’ve got just one note
And you know that it won’t do
But you need a way to make your music glow
You can take that one note
And you can make it two
Put one up above and one just down below
And see how the song starts to flow because

Harmony is the answer
You know two or three together can be so sublime
Harmony is the answer every time

If you and your best mate
Are feeling on the outs
And you just can’t seem to see things eye to eye
You could raise the crime rate
And give him a good clout
And before you know it you’ll bid him good-bye
Leaving you both high and dry, you know

Harmony is the answer
We were meant to be together walking two by two
Harmony is the answer through and through

We scream and shout and we dish it out
As we fight to have our own way
But if you’re wise learn to harmonize
And you’ll sing a brighter day

We’ve all got grey matter
Sitting in between our ears
And we all know that grey matter’s called a brain
It can bring us happiness or it can brings us tears
Do we give out joy or do we give out pain?
Leading us to this refrain, we all know

Harmony is the answer
In a world where disagreement often does hold sway
Harmony is the answer all the way

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