Every Star that Shines

Paul Austin Kelly

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Lovely lullaby featuring acoustic classical guitar, lead male vocal and male backing vocals.

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Peter Weaver

P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

The stars twinkle in the sky;
They'll be glad to see you sleeping;
So I do
They must try to catch your eye,
For the dream that they are keeping
's Just for you
When the stars come out and shine
They are saving up the daylight;
Its just for you. Its just for you.
Ev'ry star that shines at night
Shines and twinkles, like it's waving
Just for you.
Each star hopes that you just might
Pick the dream that they've been saving
Just for you.
When the day breaks, bright and fine,
And the world wakes up to daylight
There'll be me. And there'll be you. So fine.

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