Doing Me (Featuring J. Nolan)

Dennis P Coronel

Jay-Z inspired, boom bap, east coast influenced Hip-Hop / Rap song. Determined, truthful and confident song about being yourself and doing what you do best. Great for reality TV shows, films or scenes above self strength, confidence or climbing to the top.

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Jamar Nolan

Dennis P. Coronel

Dennis P. Coronel

Another day, another dollar, nope!
More like another day, another problem, yo.
Homie, my pockets low. Falling down like some dominoes,
wondering on where I'ma go, diet filled up with Dominoes.
Energy depleted; the synergy is leaving.
But mentally, I'm still a G. Friends can be deceiving.
My ministry is teaching, if you indeed are seeking.
It's bigger business when you're in this inner-city region.
Line 'em up, Donald Trump style- dumb it down.
Coming south, popping up unannounced at your mother's house.
Trying to make a couple thou. Politcking, Colin Powell.
Either you're running or you're slugging, homie, thug it out.
That's in your mind state; crime rate increase.
Never violate, object is to isolate the streets.
'Cause the product ain't for cheap, got it locked from A to Z.
Contemplating doing dirt, but that's not the way to be, homie.

Yeah, I'm doing me.
Trying to make a dollar, be happy for 2 or 3.
Got my whole team with me, we've been at it all week.
We done made it through the fog, we're finally gon' what it's gon' be, huh?
I'm doing me.
Trying to make a dollar, be happy for 2 or 3.
Got my whole team with me, we've been at it all week.
We done made it through the fog, we're finally gon' what's it gon' be?

Strong-willed, with an aura like a force field.
Talk real, do it all to build, not at all for deals.
Could pump krills if I needed to, I keep it true.
Creeping through, drinking juice, looking for a decent Coupe
to push back.
Rappers getting bushwhacked for acting tough.
Jack 'em up, even if his album's double platinum, what?
You ain't heard that I'm hard to be impressed?
Trying to pardon me for press with your R & B cassettes,
that I hardly respect.
I do it for the love.
Learning from the scholars I'm schooling all the thugs,
from computers to the clubs.
I'm doing what I does.
Deep-rooted, never cheap suited, tutelage above.
Keep it moving for the buzz.
Repping Manifest,
got these haters up in arms 'til they handing me their checks.
I intend to be the best.
Won't ever reconsider.
If you think somebody's better, disconnect with me on Twitter.

CHORUS: (repeated)

It's just a matter of time 'til I break down the barriers and shatter the lines.
I had to recline, they told me that rap was in a decline.
But I looked in the mirror and saw the status was fine.
I'm- one of the last left.
I'm here to ruin their mood, just like some bad breath.
Shouldn't have gave me access.
Now, I'm 'bout to catch wreck and never will I half-step.
Charging y'all for verses bigger numbers than your address.
Writing in my tablet, trying to make a classic.
Speaking of my pain and relate to the masses.
Dealing with the madness and everyday sadness,
yet I keep a smile 'cause the ending isn't tragic.
Whipping through the traffic, heading to the HQ.
I paid dues, I'm definitely gon' break through.
I can't lose, 'cause the victory is mine.
The epitome of shine. My destiny is to rhyme.

CHORUS: (repeated 2x's)

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