Dark Outlook

Dennis P Coronel

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Somber, and dark piano / trailer instrumental cue. Melancholy pianos and string instrumentation coupled with tense percussion. Great for building tension or tense, dramatic, dark, reality TV, or underscores.

Track Information

Dennis P. Coronel, Aijalon Redmond

Dennis P. Coronel

gloomy, hopeless, alone, meaningless, darkness, loneliness, depressed, blue, dejected, dismal, dispirited, ethereal, atmospheric, spacious, defeated, down, downhearted, dragged, miserable, moody, moony, mournful, saddened, saddening, sorrowful, unhappy, discouraged, discouraging, displeasing, troubled, unpleasant, disparaged, upsetting, bleak, deterring, defeat

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