Claire’s Song

Paul Austin Kelly

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Sweet, gentle song about a girl who's lost her teddy bear. Flo & Eddy backing vocals.

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P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

P.A. Kelly

Where’s he gone now?
Oh, no! Not there!
He’s jumped into the hedgerow!
My Black Bear

How am I going to fetch him
Out of there?
It’s as thorny as a cactus
My Black Bear

I’ll tear my pretty trousers
My new pair
They’ll be holy as a Swiss cheese
My Black Bear

I’ll skin my lovely elbows
White and fair
Such a sight I’ll be to see then
My Black Bear

I’ll have a dozen burdocks
In my hair
Then no one will want to kiss me
My Black Bear

I’ll prob’ly die an old maid
A lot you care
I’ll just leave you in that hedgerow
My Black Bear

(Instrumental solo)

Ah here, give us your paw then
Come to Claire
Or else my bed is empty
My Black Bear

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