Tomas Altamirano

Mexican Born composer Tomas Ramirez Altamirano re-located to LA after graduating with honors from Berklee College of Music.

Current credits include composing the new Theme music for Bravo's hit show Million Dollar Listing and writing additional music for The Sundance Film Festival, VH1, Telemundo, CNN, Bravo and many more. "


30 Rape, A Better Day, Alone with you, Answers, Ass Booty, Baby, Backwards, Bear Full, Beater, Beer, Beer, Blue Cat, Boom, Booty Slapper, Boxer, Break My Heart, Cage Fight, Cap, Carnal Sex, Cop, Cop2, Corner, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Crawl, Crazy Sexy, Creeper, Dance1 Full, Dancer, Donuts, Electro, Electro2, Epic, Epic Action Drums, Fast Car, Fighters, Fire Up, Food This, Funkero, Funky fungus, Funny Funk, Funny Shrimps, Gangsta Biography, Give Up, Good Hope, Goofy, Groove 3, Groove Me, Guero, Here We Go, Hidden, High Risk, Hip, Hip Hop Symphony, Hop, Ice Angel, Intensity, It Burns, Jet Noise, Keep It Simple, Kick, Kiss Me, Lost Mind, Macho Man, Massive, Miami 2, Miami 3, Miami 4, Miss You Much, Mmm, Monster Car, Mountain Runner, Muscle Milk, My Bitches, No Stopping, Obscurity, Opera, Pimp, Punchy, Puta, Retro Love, Ritual, Rock This, Rock This House, Rocker, Rockin' Ladies, Rumble, Sad Tension, Savages, Scary 2, Scary 3, Sexy, Singing Children, Skunk, Strung Out, Sucker Punch, Take the Street, Tears and Rain, Tekker, Tense Hip Hop Piano, The Clock, The Emperor, The End, The Shaker, Thunder, Up For You, Urban Style, Urbanized, Vodka Buzz, War, Water Boy, When Hearts Break

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